Carrie Wild

  • Night Train

    Acrylic & Gold Leaf
    36″ X 36″


  • Crossing Paths

    Acrylic, Gold Leaf & Resin
    24″ X 36″


  • Icon

    Charcoal, Acrylic & Resin on Board
    12″ X 12″


  • Washakie

    Acrylic & Gold Leaf
    48″ X 36″


  • Afterglow

    Acrylic & Gold Leaf
    48″ X 48″


Artist Bio

Carrie was raised on a small horse farm in Southern Michigan where she learned to respect, appreciate and love animals from a young age. Her childhood was spent riding horses, exploring the forests in search of wildlife and competing in horse shows. Along with her love of nature she developed a passion for art early in life. She studied and experimented drawing with different dry mediums including graphite, charcoal, colored pencil and soft pastel. Through her knowledge of horses and wildlife she developed a strong drawing technique focusing on the the anatomy and characteristics of each subject.

As a teen Carrie bought her first camera and began making photographs of her subjects as a foundation for her artistic vision. She uses her photography for inspiration as well as an excuse to spend more time in the field with the animals she loves. As witness to the wonders of nature and the countless heart pounding moments, she translates her experiences through the application of dramatic colors and presence in her paintings while maintaining realistic confirmation of the animal. With a contemporary style she hopes to create a relationship between the painting and its viewer as well as encourage a love for wildlife and wildlife art in modern design.

Carrie is based in Jackson, Wyoming. After visiting for a summer, she immediately fell in love with the power of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and decided that there was no better place to be to realize her vision. Surrounded by the inspiration of wildlife, horses and wide open spaces she paints in her home studio at the edge of Grand Teton National Park.

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