Dick Idol Monuments

“Dancing Whitetails”

Anadarko Oil and Petroleum World Headquarters

Interactive Monument – Houston, Texas

*8 Whitetails, 2 times life-size, ranging from 8 to 15 feet tall individually

*Situated in 400 feet of man-made streams with dramatic underwater lighting effects

*Three vignettes including “Monarch’s Challenge”, “Monarch’s Pursuit”, & “Monarch’s Touch” A dramatic sculpture of eight whitetail deer that are situated in moving water. “Interactive effects” including water dripping from lifted hooves, jet sprays of water suggesting the splashes of running deer, and underwater lighting beneath moving surface water creating “dancing of light” movement across the sculptures. These elements have been combined to create one of the most dramatic wildlife monuments today. (Click on images to enlarge.)

“Wolfpack Turf”

North Carolina State University

Interactive Monument – Raleigh, NC

An excellent example of the “Interactive Bronze Monument Concept” where the exhibition of six wolves has been incorporated with other special effects and features:

*Located in front of Carter-Finley football Stadium at NC State University, Raleigh, NC

*6 Wolves, each 2 times life-size, all on a 33 foot tall stonemountain designed by Dick *Dramatic water, lighting and audio effects

*Turn- key fund raising program designed for NC State to raise funds via sales of bronze and resin replicas, which are still sold today. (Click on images to enlarge.)

“Dream Buck”

Commissioned by Johnny Morris, Owner, Bass Pro Shops

Interactive Monument -Springfield, MO

* Single whitetail buck

*Four-times life size, 26 feet tall, 12 foot antler spread, 15,000 pounds

Located on the American National Fish and Wildlife Museum and Bass Pro’s flagship store site in Springfield, MO. Perhaps the largest single bronze mammal ever created in the U.S. utilizing the traditional lost waxcasting method. With matching droptines, tremendous time lengths, massive beams, and all the character in the world, this is a buck of which legends are born. (Click on images to enlarge.)

“Autumn Legends”

Commissioned by Dick and Jim Cabela

Interactive Monument -Owatonna, MN

*Three times life-size, 25 feet tall, 16,000 pounds

*2nd largest tourist attraction in MN

*Six million visitors per year since installation

This magnificent bronze sculpture represents two of the biggest white-tailed deer ever recorded in a dramatic, deep descending “S” composition design. The lead buck’s antlers are a replica of sheds found in central Nebraska in 1959 and measure 218 2/8 net typical points(new world record). The rear buck’s antlers have been replicated from the No. 1 South Dakota non-typical Whitetail taken in 1949,measuring an amazing 256 1/8 inches. They exemplify the variety and unique characteristics found among whitetails. (Click on images to enlarge.)

“Wild Band of Razorbacks”

Commissioned by the University of Arkansas

Interactive Monument (In Progress) – Fayetteville, AR
Monument funds donated by alumni Jerry Jones, Owner of the NFL Dallas Cowboys

*Monument to be incorporated within the football stadium’s north end-zone complex

*Size is 25 feet tall by 50 feet wide and will incorporate a wide array of special effects and features, showcasing the six bronze Razorback hogs each approximately 7 feet tall at the shoulder and 12-14 feet long

*It will be the most spectacular University Mascot Bronze Monument in North America when completed. (Click on images to enlarge.)

“Autumn Ritual”

*1 1/4 life-size Whitetail Deer

*8.75′ long x 8′ high x 3.5′ wide, 800 pounds

*Also available without tree and/or base

(Click on images to enlarge.)


*1 1/2 life-size bronze Running Whitetail, 7 ft. tall

*Also available in:
Lobby Size (1/2 Life-size) 26″ tall
Table Top (1/4 Life-size) 14″ tall

(Click on images to enlarge.)

The above are actual Monuments that Dick Idol has created and installed, the University of Arkansas Razorback project is a work-in-progress. If interested in a potential Monument Bronze by Dick Idol, please contact Dick at his studio (406)-862-5554 or Toni Rae Idol at (406) 871-0227.

The World of Dick Idol

First a little history… In his younger days, Dick Idol grew up in the rural countryside of North Carolina where he spent most of his time in the woods and playing sports. As an athlete, he played football and baseball on a full-ride scholarship to North Carolina State University, resulting in offers to play in the NFL. However, his passion was always the outdoors. After college, Dick moved to Alaska where he owned and operated one of the top taxidermy businesses, which eventually evolved to include guiding, outfitting and booking hunts for big game clients around the world. In the 1970’s Dick began to focus on his special interest, whitetail deer. Over the next three decades, he amassed the greatest whitetail antler collection in the world, which included the famous Hole-In-the-Horn buck and many state records. That collection now resides in the Bass-Pro Museum in
Springfield, MO.

In the 1980’s, he co-founded North American Whitetail magazine and launched a show circuit displaying his Whitetail collection, which often included Dick as an expert seminar speaker, also helping to launch numerous Whitetail shows in several states, including the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh, NC. With all his exposure from writing books and articles, his show circuits and speaking, instructional videos, television shows, product endorsements, operation of Whitetail hunts and many other Whitetail activities, he soon became the most widely recognized personality in the world of the Whitetail.

In the mid- 1990’s, Dick launched the “Dick Idol” brand in the realm of furniture and home furnishings. Since that time, the “Dick Idol” brand has been the label on thousands of products that include furniture, accessories, lighting, floor coverings, wall décor and many other product categories. Today, the “Dick Idol” brand is widely regarded as the most recognized brand in the categories of Rustic and Outdoor home furnishings. In October 2016, Dick will launch an extensive new furniture collection at the International Furniture Market in High Point, NC. In the early 1990’s Dick finally recognized his genuine love and passion for art. He embraced drawing, painting and sculpture and became a student of fine art. Within the first few years, he was commissioned for some of the largest bronze monuments in North America. It wasn’t long before Dick was incorporating his artwork in functional home furnishing products and marketing fine art in both flat and three dimensional mediums across several lifestyle categories.

Today, Dick Idol is one of America’s best known authentic outdoorsman, wildlife artist and brand personalities. In 2012, Dick was inducted into the Outdoor Legends Hall of Fame. Dick and his wife, Toni Rae, opened the Dick Idol Signature Gallery, a fine art gallery located in downtown Whitefish, Montana in the Spring of 2012. The gallery is home to more than 30 nationally acclaimed western artists and includes much of Dick’s artwork, along with that of his son, Colt Idol, one of the fastest rising stars in the western art world today.

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