Greg Woodard

  • Ghost Rider

    Edition of 21


  • Ricochet

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Artist’s Bio
GREG WOODARD is a one of a kind bronze and master wood sculptor from Brigham City, Utah. Although Greg grew up in Prescott, Arizona where he was raised with a love for the outdoors and nature, his passion for birds has been with him since childhood, where he spent countless hours watching and identifying birds with his father.

This love of birds led Greg, who is also a master falconer, on the path to creating phenomenal wood sculptures of birds. Although he is largely self-taught, Greg went on to win numerous awards and top honors including the Ward World Competition in Ocean City, Maryland, which is recognized as the most prestigious bird carving competition in the world.

Greg Woodard has won the Best of Show five times at the Ward World Competition. In 1992, he won the most prestigious award given to any wildfowl decorative carver, The Word World Class “Best of World” with a preening female kestrel on a cactus. Greg has also won the World category in interpretive sculpture. To date, he is the only artist to have attained world championship status in both categories, a solid reflection on his innate ability and flexibility in many types of sculpture.

In sculpture, Greg has been influenced by George Carlson, Rodin and Michelangelo. Like most highly successful artists, Greg continues his search for inspiration from others as well as within himself. Experimentation, growth, and experience move him forward. Today, Greg Woodard’s uniquely beautiful and artistic bronze sculptures never fail to capture the eyes and soul of the viewer. Greg has developed a singularly unique style and artistic composition to his sculptures that distinguish him from other bronze artists in the world today and by also incorporating rich pigments by hand into each individual piece; the result literally takes your breath away.

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