James L Johnson

  • Logan Pass, Glacier Park



  • Upper Two Medicine Lake

    Triptych Oil


  • Above Hidden Lake

    Triptych Oil


  • Across the Way

    4″ X 14.5″


  • Flathead River Winter

    20″ X 44″


  • Johns Lake Lilies

    8″ X 18″


Artist Bio

James L Johnson has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. He earned a BFA from BYU – Idaho in 2008, followed by an MFA from the Academy of Art University in 2012. Prior to pursuing fine art full time, he taught both collegiate and high school level art classes in Idaho and on the Navajo nation, while participiting actively in a variety of shows and exhibitions. James has won numerous awards for his work, including an honorable mention and full-page feature in Southwest Art magazine. He was recently selected as one of 100 artists admitted into the annual Celebration of Fine Art Exhibition in Scottsdale, Arizona for the 2018 season. James and his wife reside in Kalispell, Montana with three beautiful young children.

Artist Statement

“Colors and numbers fascinate me. While color sings to my heart, numerousic patterns in nature tickle my mind. I paint primarily in a triptych format, considering the number three to represent, symbolically, a rhythmic process common to all things in our world and universe: Unity, Emphasis, Balance. My paintings are impressionistic in nature, guided by an effort to first capture the human emotion of a moment in time, then to hint at some deeper, timeless truth portrayed quietly throughout God’s masterful handwork. Sharing my awe and reverence for the natural order and beauty of this planet is my passion and purpose. Through observation and creation, I have found pondering the rich visual world in which we live to be a powerful antidote to the anxiety, stress, complexity of life.” – James L Johnson

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