Jeff Weir

  • Blue

    36″ X 48″


  • Montana Resident

    36″ X 36″


  • Blue Buck

    36″ X 36″


  • The Valley

    40″ X 40″


  • Mule

    30″ X 40″


  • Fat Boy

    48″ X 48″


  • Peach

    24″ X 36″


  • Summer Stroll

    36″ X 36″


  • Cooling Off

    40″ X 50″


Artist Bio
Jeff Weir is a Coeur d’Alene local artist, focused primarily on paintings of North Idaho wildlife and figures. Working with oil on canvas he brings life and feeling to ideas and imagination of days gone by.

Growing up in North Idaho, Jeff had a lot of room to explore and appreciate the outdoors. His love for nature began early on, building treehouses and making bows and arrows. It wasn’t until high school he began channeling his creativity through art. Immediately after graduating he began making his living in the woods with a saw and he would spend all evenings studying oil paint and would dedicate his winter solely to oil painting, his favorite
time of year.

While Jeff has enjoyed tree work and the freedom it brings of being outdoors, his passion called him to spend the remainder of his life focused on digging deeper into painting. As a self taught artist, Jeff is especially
grateful for his grandmother who not only passed down her collection of art supplies and journal of dedicated life study of mixing colors, but also her zeal and passion for oils and color. His fervency to bring life and emotion to each piece is achieved through his loose strokes and bold colors.

Jeff takes each subject he paints and makes it unique and striking by his vibrant use of color and contrast of temperatures. His goal is to create art that gives depth and animation to what would be stoic and serious. He has always had a drive to focus on the brighter side of life and his aim while painting is to do just that.

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