Jeremy Bradshaw

  • Male Valley Quail

    Limited Edition of 12


  • Boing!

    16.5″ X 5″ X 9″
    Limited Edition of 20


Boing! (giant kangaroo rat):
I have had an interest in wildlife since childhood. Looking for snakes in the desert areas of California was a rare excursion for me, but one that I always cherished. Kangaroo rats are native to parts of California and we would occasionally run into them looking for reptiles. Particularly at night you would see them moving on the perimeter of the vehicle headlights while driving desolate desert roads. They are fascinating little animals, and the giant kangaroo rat is an endangered species found in one small area in California.

  • Spring (In Her Step) Chicken

    10″ X 13″ X 19.5″
    Limited Edition of 12


Spring (In Her Step) Chicken:
This piece was inspired by a childhood experience. When I was about seven years old my grandparents bought a small farm on the outskirts of the town I grew up in. The first time we visited the farm shortly after they moved in I was exploring the open space and interesting old buildings. One of those was an old chicken coop long since abandoned. Or so I thought. As I approached the front of the old coop a black hen came tearing out from the under the front steps and chased me clear back to the farmhouse. Man did she scare me, and it wasn’t the last time she ran me off her turf either. She marked that moment in my life clearly and now over three decades later I can still see her strutting around that farmyard as clear as if it had just been last week. This sculpture is a celebration that sassy fireball of a chicken.

  • Butcher of Brackett Creek

    20″ X 9.5″ X 15.5″
    Limited Edition of 12


“Butcher of Brackett Creek” (northern shrike):
As a falconer and general bird nut I have always been fascinated with shrikes. They are songbirds that hunt other birds, small mammals, and insects. They have habit of impaling their quarry on thorns and barbed wire fences which is how they got the nickname of “butcher birds”. I have watched them hunting small birds in the sagebrush of the westerns states and been amazed by their tenacity and aggressiveness.
I have a good friend in Montana that trains grizzly bears, big cats, and wolves for movies and commercials. The small creek running through the valley where he lives is called Brackett Creek and we have seen northern shrikes hunting there in the winter. So I used that spot in the title of the piece as a nod to a good friend and one of my favorite places.

  • Canis Napis Interruptus

    13″ X 12″ X 13″
    Limited Edition of 12


“Canis Napis Interruptus”(grey fox):
The title of this piece is a play on the Latin name for a fox. The sculpture is a grey fox that has just been woken from a nap by some sound in the distance. It has raised and cocked its head in an effort to discern what interrupted its nap. Hence the name.

  • Splittin’ Hare

    22.5″ X 7.5″ X 12/5″
    Limited Edition of 25


Splittin’ Hare (snowshoe hare):
Years ago I was in Wyoming looking for nest sites of Peregrine falcons with my brother. We were in a remote area outside of Pinedale sitting on a small bluff at the end of a long run of cliffs watching for the falcons when we noticed movement below us. Using our binoculars we noticed a group of four snowshoe hare feeding and playing in the native grasses. For almost an hour they jumped, hopped, and ran around with one another taking intermittent breaks to feed. They were in their brown summer coloration, but their feet were the classic white color that was a prelude to their winter coats. When I decided to sculpt Splittin’ Hare, I continually recalled that adventure that I had in Wyoming with my brother that summer and that experience of watching those hares play.

  • Pygmy Owl 1

    10″ X 4″ X 17″
    Limited Edition of 12


  • Female Scaled Quail

    7″ X 3.5″ X 4.5″
    Limited Edition of 12


Artist Bio
Jeremy Bradshaw is a fine art sculptor and internationally known author. He has been fascinated with wildlife and animals since childhood. Growing up in rural, central California he was early surrounded by the chickens, rabbits and cows at his grandparents’ farm. Working, exploring, backpacking and fly-fishing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, his natural curiosity and interest in animals and wildlife continued to increase.

Jeremy’s subsequent pursuit of falconry led him to live in many parts of the Western United States from the Oklahoma panhandle to the state of Washington, where he now resides. Over decades of observation, research and practice he has become widely recognized for his specialized expertise in falconry. His passion for hunting flocks of 10,000 starlings with a small falcon called a merlin, feeds his discerning curiosity and acute observation skills. Jeremy’s sculptures come to life because they reflect an artist’s life authentically committed to the natural world.

“I am trying particularly to capture moments of reaction in my animal subjects to unseen counterparts in their immediate environment outside of the actual piece allowing for more of the story to unfold in the viewer’s imagination. Perhaps it is the movement of potential quarry or the sound of an approaching predator. The possibilities are endless.”

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