Justine Basa

  • Snow Bunny

    6″ X 8″


  • White Wolf

    6″ X 6″


  • Bighorn

    6″ X 8″


  • Baby Goat

    8″ X 10″


  • Fierce

    14″ X 14″


  • Red Fox

    8″ X 8″


  • Basking In The Sun

    18″ X 24″



Artist Bio

Residing in New Jersey, Justine has been around art her whole life. Growing up with a family that strongly supports art, she embraced the creative spirit and began to take interest in drawing at a very young age. Wanting to further develop her skill, Justine partook in a number of workshops throughout her art career. With modern, vibrant influences from instructors from Studio Incamminati, founded by Nelson Shanks in Philadelphia, she also found a love for painting. Studying color theory and figure painting at Incamminati helped her envision the liveliness in painting.
Wanting to further explore the fundamentals of painting and drawing, Justine attended a few workshops at the Grand Central Atelier, founded by Jacob Collins in New York, and fell in love with the precision and particularity that Jacob’s Atelier taught the students, and furthered her education by studying at the atelier for 3 years, practicing intensive classical and realistic approaches to painting and drawing the nude figure, still life’s, and portraits from life. With the modern, painterly approach from the Studio Incamminati and the realistic classical training from Grand Central Atelier, Justine strives to create beautiful artwork using a mix of both techniques and is determined to continue growing as an artist.

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